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Phone: (913) 245 - 4089
Our site is under construction. Please click on the PDF for our full catalog of in stock and special order items. 

1/2" Rock
3/4" Clean
Construction aggregate 
1/2" Chips $40.00/cu.yd.    3/4" Clean $40.00/cu.yd.      Screenings $38.00/cu.yd.    Mason Sand $60.00/cu.yd.  Topsoil $40.00/cu.yd.          Road Rock $38.00/cu.yd.   1.5"-2" Clean $40:00/cu.yd.

In stock items are sold by the cubic yard and range in weight from 2500-2700 lbs. per yard.
Double Ground Premium Mulch by the cubic yard = about 14 bags
Black $41.00/cu.yd              Red $41.00/cu.yd                Brown $41.00/cu.yd.
1.5'' Arkansas River Rock   1.5'' Colorado River Rock   Kansas Pea Gravel            1.5'' Kansas River Rock      2''-4'' Kansas River Rock       1.5" Calhoun River Rock    3/4" Calhoun River Rock
$160.00/cu.yd.                   $150.00/cu.yd.                      $95.00/cu.yd.                     $105.00/cu.yd.                    $100.00/cu.yd.                        $125.00/cu.yd.                    $110.00/cu.yd.
Decorative Rock sold by the cubic yard
Pea Gravel
KS 1 1/2"
We deliver! Call for pricing.
Each scoop of material equals about 1 cubic yard of material.